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Problems tracking student progress

I am a teacher and have students set up in classrooms. When we first started, they were able to complete assignments and I was able to clearly track their progress and their completions of assignments. But recently, not only am I no longer able to track their progress, Duolingo is also not tracking the progress of their accounts. They will work on a lesson that I assign for 20 minutes and it will have them complete the same questions over and over, never advancing them forward. Has anybody experienced this or have any tips on what to do? My students enjoy the forum and I believe it is really helpful but with these issues, I cannot effectively put it to use. Let me know if you can help, thanks!

October 9, 2019



I am having a similar problem. I assigned the INTRO skill for my Spanish 1 students to complete. I can see on their device that it is completed but it is not showing on my teach account as completed. This is causing problems because I count them as HW assignments for completion, but I am not able to rely on the information that I am seeing in my Duolingo teacher account.... Duolingo...can you help us?


Hi! Can you give me usernames of the students whose progress is not showing? You can send me an email if you rather keep it confidential. Also, any screenshot that you can take can be helpful. Thanks ga@gabrielaarellano.com


I know that this bug is being worked on. For now, have your students send you screen shots of their "Congratulations" screen or the skill at whatever color you have assigned, or their notifications in the upper right.


Have you heard any information about it not letting students advance to the next part of the lesson? It keeps making them repeat the same sets and not tracking practice even on their individual accounts.


I reported this on the Educator's Forum, so hopefully it will be fixed soon. Hang in there!


Hi Brandi! Send me an email to ga@gabrielaarellano.com with details about the course that it's experience this problem and one, two or three user names of students whose progress is not being recorded. I need that info to open a ticket. Thanks!


This is happening so often in my class (students complete work and classroom does not record it) that I have been forced to monitor student progress manually). Please fix this soon!

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