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  5. "अब आप जा सकते हैं।"

"अब आप जा सकते हैं।"

Translation:Now you can go.

October 9, 2019



Why does अब sound like औब?


Ignore audio pronunciation in this case.

You're exactly right, it should sound like the short vowel, rhymes with sub, dub, "ub".

There are two a vowels in Hindi, one is the schwa, which is this word, "ub" rhymes with sub.

When transliterated in roman letters: Often, the short a vowel is written with a single U, and very often with a single A.

Proper names might vary a bit, but the reason you see the double-a in Aamir is because it's the long


Is "You can go now " can be a right answer?

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