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  5. Be gentle to the fish!


Be gentle to the fish!

Holy moley, why are so many fish being thrown on the floor?! :o

(But in all seriousness, the Latin course so far is excellent. Thank you for making me laugh! :) I just got to food, the amount of fish being thrown is ridiculously very many.)

October 9, 2019



No, DragonPolyglot.

Very many fish on the floor they throw. Perhaps the fire through the shadow in the city the parrot cooks.

Never the word order in Latin will you be accustomed?


Very much stubborn, I am. ;)


Don't turn this into a Yoda contest!


Yoda contest win, I will!


Not easy to write a language with the word order of another language. You do it. But if you knew Turkish, you should try to do it with Turkish, you would be amazed.

Example : I see the man who drives the car : Arabayı süren adamı görüyorum. The car (accusative) / drives who / the man (accusative) / see I. 8 words in English, only 4 in Turkish.


pisces in pavimentum iaciunt

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