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"My village is close to the city of Beirut."

Translation:قَرْيَتي قَريبة مِن مَدينة بَيْروت.

October 9, 2019


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I would have thought it should be Ilmedina and not just medina. Why is medina correct on its own without the Il in front?

October 9, 2019


I think you "AL" or the definite article. Well, here we have a genitive relation between (Madinah) and (Beirut). In other words, as it is in the English translation, "the city of Beirut". In Arabic, in compounds like this (which is called Idháfah by the way, meaning addition, because we add two nouns to each other) - In such cases or compounds, the definite article is attached to the second word not the first. You can think of it to resemble the "of" in English (just imagination, the"AL" article does NOT mean "of"). However, here we have "Beirut" which is a proper name. As a proper name, it is defined on its own and does not need AL.
Just to give a parallel example, let's suppose I want to say (the city of angels). In Arabic that would be مدينة الملائكة (madínatu al-mala'ikah). Notice that "al" is attached to the second word in the compound, الملائكة (the angels). And by the way, phonetically, this would be spelled out as (madínatul-malá'ikah).
Final point: The audio is wrong at the end of the sentence. Pronunciation should be like: qaryatí qaríbatun min madínati bayrút. (We say madínati here because it was preceded by a preposition, min, which means from).

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