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"Do you live in a house close to the sea, Judy?"

Translation:هَل تَسْكُنين في بَيْت قَريب مِن اَلْبَحْر يا جودي؟

October 9, 2019



Is تَسْكُنين feminine? In a previous question, we had تَسْكُن as the correct answer. Explanation before the lesson would be helpful.

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Yes, if speaking to a female (i.e. 2nd singular feminine person), the verb takes the shape of ta_ _ _ín


Why can't I write الى البحر؟

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It's just how the Arabic prepositional composition goes.
In Arabic, you can be in proximity (from) some point - unlike English where you can be in proximity (to) some point. So, typically you would have to say قريب من البحر (close from the sea) rather than قريب إلى البحر (close to the sea).
If you think about it, it would be as if English takes the reference point from the perspective of the speaker, while Arabic takes the reference point from the object or thing under discussion. Sort of.

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