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עוד vs יותר


I was doing some exercises in the Medical section where you get sentences such as "We need more nurses at the Hospital" or "The patient is receiving the best treatment" so I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there's a rule that can allow us to distinguish between the two words mentioned above.

Thanks in advance.

October 9, 2019


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Well, I'm not a teacher, But i can give you examples and will try to explain...

"תמזוג לי עוד מים" - pour me more water

"הפעם תמזוג יותר מים" - pour more water this time

"תוסיף עוד מלח"

"הפעם תשים יותר מלח"

"אני צריך עוד זמן... אני צריך עוד יותר זמן"

"יש לי עוד הרבה זמן"

"יש לי הרבה יותר זמן עכשיו"

"תבוא לבקר אותי יותר"

"אני אבוא לבקר עוד הרבה"

עוד - "can mean "more" but it can also mean "another... For Example: עוד אחד - another one

Also: עוד פעם - once more

And here is two links that will explain (in hebrew) better about each word:




Literally means "more". This would be the correct answer to the "We need more nurses at the hospital."
Often used in the "more than.." form: "I have more books than my sister"
יש לי יותר ספרים מאחותי

עוד Literal translation would be "another" often used as "still" or "while".
I would like more (=another glass of) water
אני רוצה עוד מים
It is still not time
עוד לא הגיע הזמן


well I will try to explain from my POV in daily talking: "od" will be used when you describe a change that is need to take place or someone want. אני רוצה עוד חלב/אנחנו צריכים עוד עובדים על מנת לתפקד/עוד תקציב נחוץ it can be used also as "another" like עוד יום במשרד/ הוא רק עוד עוד. while "yoter" means literally "more" אני יותר מרוצה מהתפקיד החדש/ הוא יותר מוצלח/הכלב יותר חמוד. hope it helped


Just adding a few words to other answers. To put it simply, עוד can be translated as "additional" (pretty mnemonic, too: od --- add). יותר means "more (than)".

"We need more nurses at the Hospital" can actually use either word.

That is, אנחנו צריכים עוד אחיות בבית חולים --- we need additional nurses

Or אנחנו צריכים יותר אחיות בבית חולים --- we need more nurses (than that; than we have now).

Both are legitimate.

You can even use both words at the same time: אנחנו צריכים עוד יותר אחיות which would mean "we need even more nurses"


עוד - more

greater value - יותר

for example -

אני רוצה עוד אוכל - i want more food

לי יש יותר כסף ממך - i have more (a greater value) money then you do


No difference. You can use either one of them almost every time


that's wrong, the meaning is similar - but there is a difference.


עוד is more when you ask to get more of something when you get it יותרis the same, but you usually do not say it at the time you are receiving the object.


there is no problem in saying that.... i want more food - אני רוצה עוד אוכל i want more (a greater value) food - אני רוצה יותר אוכל

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