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  5. "In triclinio Bacchus bibit."

"In triclinio Bacchus bibit."

Translation:Bacchus is drinking in the dining room.

October 9, 2019



bacchus get out of my house you're drunk


Are you Bacchus God of psitaccii ebrii?


Finally we learn the parrot's name.


What is the difference between trīclīnium and cēnācŭlum?


According to a comment by ColinJParryin another discussion,

A triclinium is literally a room with three couches, it was used for dinner parties and the like, a cenaculum is the actual "Dinner Room" which would be used for normal meals. Additionally, cenacula were often rented out as apartments.

Apparently cenacula were often on the upper storey of the house, which is how the word acquired it's alternative meaning of an attic, garret, or upper storey and is why cenacula could often be rented out as apartments.


The tri prefix should have given me a clue. Thank you very much. Have a lingot.

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