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  5. "yuDHa' ghaH. nepqangbe'."

"yuDHa' ghaH. nepqangbe'."

Translation:She is honest. She is not willing to lie.

October 9, 2019



Hi! I translated nepqangbe' as "she is unwilling to lie" which returned an error. Is this translation just missing from the list of acceptable answers or there actually separate ways of conveying "not willing" and "unwilling" in tlhingan Hol?


Just a missing translation. I've added it now.


Fantastic - thank you!


This was a "Type the Klingon that you hear" exercise for me. I believe it's Qov speaking. The beginning of the sentence sounds kind of muddy. Totally sounds like you're saying "luDHa'" instead of "yuDHa'".


Yep, that's a bad one. There are lots more like that, from a few weeks when Duolingo had a post-processing issue. I'll re-record that tomorrow. When you find more like that you can just choose Report for "Audio does not sound correct." When it's that bad I can tell what the problem is.


Rerecorded the sentence and most of the word tokens, too.

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