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I need help on Hindi

[deactivated user]

    I tried learning Hindi yesterday, but all of the letters when the computer pronounces it sounds basically the same if it's something like "a and ā" or "i and ī". I usually have to spend a minute or so to find out which one is correct. Can somebody help on making learning Hindi easier, please?

    October 10, 2019



    Have a look at the Hindi script tutor. You can see all the letters and how they sound like.

    The vowels with a bar on top are the longer forms of the vowels without the bar. 'a' is like in 'alert', 'ā' like in 'far', 'i' like in 'pill' and 'ī' like the 'ee' in 'peel'.


    Hi! I would love to help you..I am a native speaker but I don't live in India..I grew up speaking English and Hindi. You should familiarize yourself with the alphabet...that's the base of the language. Once you know what an alphabet looks like, try matching the sounds with each one..I am learning Korean right now, and even I am having a hard time with the language but one of the contributor gave an excellent tip: go back to old school- grab a notebook and start writing the alphabet. Turns out it actually works! Writing the alphabet obviously helps you with the writing part but it also strengthens the ability to associate each letter with its sound because you tend to pronounce the alphabet while writing it. Another tip is that try listening to native speakers..at first you might not understand a single thing they're saying, but as you listen to natives more and more, you start figuring out the words. I would also recommend listening to Hindi/ Bollywood songs! Yes, you may not everything that they are saying but practice is the key so keep listening to them and that'll train your ears to make out different sounds. I suggest the first time you listen to Hindi songs, put the subtitles on..understanding the meaning of something is extremely important when learning a language. In fact, I am learning French and have a lot of French songs on my playlist, and it has really helped me improve my listening! Maybe try listening to Hindi song once every week. Like choose a day, say Monday, choose a song, first just listen to it. Try to make out words. Then, on a piece of paper try writing what you like or dislike about the song, say the beat, the music, anything. Since you're a beginner, write it in English first, or whichever language you're comfortable with. But as you start getting the hang of it, begin writing these kind of things in Hindi. Then, listen to the song again, this time with the video. That way, even if you don't understand what they are saying, you get the basic idea from the visuals! Lastly, listen to a new song each Monday, or whatever day you choose. This has helped me in French as well, so its good to give it a try! Hope this helps you! Good luck!


    I might be up for some practice if you don't mind. I have almost not practice writing the language.


    Great! Glad to help!


    Writing is important, so just post any questions you have here


    I've just started the Hindi course too. I have gone at a snail's pace through the lessons and used the practice button extensively. I have not moved on from a lesson until it is completely clear to me, but I still make mistakes such as the ones you're referring to. Look through the Tips & Notes section and you will find a lovely diagram of independent vowels and then those vowels combined with the consonant Ka, I highly recommend studying that diagram - it is a key to understanding Hindi spoken and written and has helped me out with the same problem you're having. Good luck! Hope this helps.
    (Just a quick add-on and I'm sure you already know this, but you have to make use of sources outside Duolingo. Search "learning Hindi" and you'll find an answer to your question right away)


    You have to train your ear to hear the differences. Especially if those differences do not exist in your native language. It will get better.

    This site


    explains where the different vowels and consonants are produced in the mouth (you can also play the sound). It also teaches you how to write, but if you struggle with the different sounds this may be enlightening. Of course they teach Sanskrit (but same alphabet), so there are a few differences, but it does help to learn to distinguish between different sounds.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks for the help!


      I've been at Hindi since May. I remember at first it was damn hard. I couldn't hear the difference between the different sounds. It took some concentration hear them right. I still sometimes get confused on the letters, so don't feel bad if you don't get them right away. I didn't know the alphabet fully before moving on, and seeing the alphabet work with real words helped me. Since then I have been using mostly examples Duolingo provides plus trial and error to get the grammer (which is different from English). I did learn what it was trying to teach me but it can be frustrating. Once you get specific questions you can ask one of us on the forum. Basically I've been doing a "keep grinding" approach and try to understand why I got stuff wrong. Don't get upset when something is wrong. Embrace it. Learn from it.

      This is just the way I did it, other people's suggests might be better for you. Other resources are obviously valid, natives can also be your best friend (especially later on).


      Hindi is will be quite a difficult language for you to learn as you are not a native speaker.. But practice will make you perfect in it! Remember it is all about practice!

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