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"Saat ini dia tinggal di Bali."

Translation:Currently she lives in Bali.

October 10, 2019



Can you use "saat ini" the same way as "sekarang"? Or do they have different applications?


At the moment has also been marked wrong


"stays" should be accepted as well as "lives. And" at the moment", "at the present", "presently", and "for now" are all synonyms for currently. And I would agree that "on Bali" should be accepted as it is an island, but it's also a province, so "in" is also valid.


It rejected "At the present he lives in Bali."


"Currently she lives on Bali" is wrong. Wow. In 80% of the cases I lose hearts because of small mistakes in English. Now they own me for being correct. You do not live "in" an island. 6.4.21

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