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How to look up words

I thought that there was a way to look up words in Duolingo? I thought I remembered a thing like that.

I'm trying to look up "I blame"

Blame is pIch, but I can't remember how to conjugate that into "I."


October 10, 2019



Incidentally, you might also consider downloading the boQwI' app and using it side-by-side with Duolingo. Not only does it have a great dictionary (both to and from Klingon), but it has side tabs summarising the prefixes and suffixes.


Thank you for the advice. I've downloaded it, and played with it some. I'm not certain that it's perfect for me, but it's been a help.


Duolingo does have a dictionary function on the web platform. It's not that great for looking up how to say things in Klingon and works better for looking up the definitions of Klingon words.

jIpIch does mean "I blame," but that's sort of an odd sentence in both languages. Usually you say who or what you are blaming, in which case, you would need a prefix that indicates the appropriate object.


Yup, I know that I generally wouldn't just say "I hate." I just couldn't remember how to conjugate pIch.

I was trying to say "Daddy I hate you." (Playing a game and the little one was complaining, lol).

So: Daddy jIpIch.

(I haven't yet progressed enough to learn Dad or Daddy)


Actually, it's perfectly fine and natural to say something like jIpIch in Klingon. When you use the no-object prefixes on a verb that could take an object, you are specifying that the object is general or unspecified.

So jIpIch means you blame things in general or you blame some unspecified parties. A Klingon-speaker would said jIpIchbe' would be like an English-speaker who said "I'm not trying to assign blame."

Daddy is translated as vavoy. That's vav father plus -oy endearment. If you want to blame someone specific, you add them as an object and use a verb prefix that says you have an object. In this case it would be vI- I (subject), him/her/it/them (object). vavoy vIpIch I blame daddy.


And since David and I have both given good, but differing answers, I want to point out the difference for you.

vavoy vIpIch. means, "I blame Daddy."
vavoy, qapIch. means, "Daddy, I blame you."


Remember that there is a different prefix depending also on the object. What you wrote just says, "Daddy, I blame," not, "Daddy, I blame you." To say, "I blame you," it should be qapIch.

"Daddy" would be vavoy.

You also switched from "blame" to "hate" in that last message. To say, "Daddy, I hate you," it would be, vavoy, qamuS.


I haven't gotten through enough to know/learn all of the prefixes, and especially not when to use them.

I'm at work, so rushing, but I think that I only know two: jI and bI (not certain on this one).


That's fine. Klingon grammar is very different than English grammar. Perhaps leave creating your own sentences until you've gotten a little further in the course. I definitely encourage creating your own sentences and can recommend places where you can get feedback on your own sentences when you are ready. But if those are the only two prefixes you know, you may need a little more foundation before you are ready for that.


That's great. Incorporating in your daily life is a great way to practice and begin to make parts of the language natural instead of alien. Feel free to come to these boards to ask for more phrases. When you do, please make sure to include complete sentences and the context you will be using them because Klingon might handle those things differently and it could effect proper translation.


I'm only on day 52, or so, of learning Klingon. I know that I need a lot more.

I'm just trying to integrate more of the language into my day to day life, so that I'm thinking about Klingon more than 15-20 a day. Like just earlier today, a coworker IM'd me and asked if they could come to my desk and talk, and I responded HISlaH :P


Wow, I just realized that my phone autocorrected "up" to "hoop."

Thank you autocorrect :P


Fixed. I've been on my phone, and I wasn't seeing the option. I'm using the laptop at the office right now, and I just found the Edit button :D

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