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"Templum nostrum est pulchrum."

Translation:Our temple is beautiful.

October 10, 2019



A few months ago, i came across an English word in a vocabulary list that seems to be used very rarely: "pulchritudinous", meaning beautiful. Now i know where that strange word comes from ^^


Thanks, I didn't know such a word existed in english, I will add it to my repertoire. It's akin to the italian word "pulcro", a rare form for beautiful, while the most common term is "bello" (from latin "bellus", meaning pretty or beautiful).

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Are these words all neutral?


Yes, since templum is neuter, nostrum and pulchrum are in the nominative singular neuter form to agree with templum.


Most of the sentences are in this order: Templum nostrum pulchrum est. But they can move to other orders. Is pulchrum at the end of the sentence a way of emphasizing it?

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