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A question about a sentence

I came across a sentence that made me be curious. Duolingo asked me to translate: 1) The sister writes in the city.
and 2) The sister writes in the house.

The correct answers were: 1) Soror in urbe scribit. and 2) Soror domi scribit.

My question is; on the second sentence, why is "in" omitted? Why is it not "Soror in domi scribit"?

October 10, 2019



"domi" is a relict of the locative case.


'Domi' is locative, like 'Romae'. In Classical Latin, the locative is essentially a fossilised form found in a few common words and cannot be applied, willy-nilly, to any noun (such as 'urbs', which perhaps had a locative form once, but it had fallen into disuse by the time of the Classical age).


Like others have said, domi is the locative case of domus ("house") and simply means "(at) home, "in the house".

You might compare it with the way English uses "home" without a preposition: "Honey I'm home!" is basically the same thing as "Honey I'm in the house!".


Hello Miss Turkey. I suggest you to go on the sentence forum, when you work on your lesson, it's very often explained.
I believe, every time the word "domi" was here, someone asked the question on the forum.

The rule I learned in the sentence forum:

The locative replaces "in +... " with only one word (it includes the meaning of the preposition "in".

**The locative is only used with cities, towns, and small islands.

And with a few words, like domus (domi), rus (ruri) and humus (humi).**

So Roma is a city, it's Romae = locative.
America is not a city, it's in America.


Because "domus", a house or a home, usually leaves out the "in" and "domi" is understood as meaning "at home" or "in the home". That's not normally done with urbs.

Not really an answer, is it? I could have said, "Just because."

Perhaps someone has a better answer.


Domi is in the Locative case. Most Latin nouns use the Ablative case, but the Locative is used with small islands, cities and "house". This YouTube video explains it well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwLS-fh3pVg

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