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Assign tests to class

I'm wondering if there is a way to get Duolingo to work on an option to assign tests live on the site. Knowledgehook offers this for math and I think it would be great to implement.

The teacher would select questions to be sent right to the students' screen and they answer live on site. Duolingo would then collect the marks for each student and forward it to the teacher.

A paperless form of testing would be great!

October 10, 2019



That is a good question, but this is how I feel about it, Mme.Barone. I really like the new checkpoints, and I wish we could get a printout of how the students answered. (The checkpoints would be impossible to machine-correct, however, since they are short answers.)

I use Microsoft Forms for my paperless testing, but only for easy vocabulary quizzes. I don't like to give fill-in-the blank or multiple choice tests, opting instead for short answer or short essay. There are other online form

I teach to mastery: I don't care how long it takes, but I want my students to keep re-doing things until they get the skill internalized. So if I felt like assigning Duolingo as a test, I would just have the students take a screen shot when they were done with the skill and e-mail it to me. Just a thought for you.


Yes I understand what you are saying. But after they master something I’d like a copy of how they answered. This way if they are continually getting something wrong I can go over and review with them. Which is why Live testing would help. On knowledgehook I can assign a question on the spot and get instant results of who answered incorrectly. If the percent for the class for a certain question is showing they don’t know something then I can review in class. It’s a good way to quickly keep tabs on if they are absorbing information! Just a way to ensure the repetitive work is sticking! :)

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