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  5. What are the karma points?


What are the karma points?

Today the interface has slightly changed again with the addition of the karma points.

What are these???

I still don't get why the duolingo team keeps changing things without telling its users or at least updating the help section.

July 26, 2012



I'm not sure it's working properly. I have a friend I'm following, who has done half a dozen lessons, and otherwise not been on much. They have been rated with over 200 karma points, beating out everyone else I'm following including someone at level 20, and others who I know have had many upvotes on both translations and questions.


Looks like they changed it back.


I imagine those have something to do with getting good ratings from others on any translations you may have made. It also may have something to do with getting "upvotes" on questions -- I've noticed the upvote/downvote arrows are gone and have been replaced with a smiley face that is the same as the icon next to the karma points. It's possible that they will make a blog post about it, and just haven't yet.


I think that karma point, are the count (avg) of happy faces you get when someone else gives them to your translations.

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