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  5. "Liber domi est."

"Liber domi est."

Translation:The book is at home.

October 10, 2019



I got confused for a moment. I thought "liber" was children but when I looked in a dictionary it confirmed liber is book. So, children and book the same in Latin?


Yes, but they have developed independently from different origins. Liber for "book" is from a word meaning leaf or bark of a tree (which you of course could use to write upon). The child meaning is the same as liber- in liberty (freedom) though. Children were denoted "free ones" in the meaning of "legitimate children of a free couple". https://latin.stackexchange.com/questions/939/why-are-the-words-for-children-liberi-and-book-libri-so-similar


Oh, that's pretty interesting. Thanks for the info


Also, "liber", meaning book, is pronounced with a short "i", while "līber", meaning child or free, is pronounced with a long "ī".


No excuses Marcus! I want your homework on my desk tomorrow morning, is that understood?

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