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Lexicon creation for a language

For someone creating a language how would they create a lexicon that is in alphabetical order without going through the insane amount of trouble required when writing?

October 10, 2019



When you need to sort the answer is usually Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets/Apple Numbers

October 10, 2019


Maybe try https://conlang.stackexchange.com/

Constructed Languages Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for designers and users of artificial or invented languages, consciously developed instead of having developed naturally.

October 11, 2019


Lots of programs can sort alphabetically (spreadsheets, databases, text editors, ...)

Manĝu terpomojn kaj feliĉiĝu!

October 11, 2019


How should we know? This is the Esperanto group, not the language-creation group. :-)

October 10, 2019


Because I’ve seen people talk about language creation here before. Esperanto is a “synthetic”-language so its speakers tend to be more savvy to such topics.

Mi scias ke ĉi-tiu estas la Esperanta grupo sed mi bezonas helpon!

October 10, 2019
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