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"The soldiers do not fight in Italy."

Translation:Milites in Italia non pugnant.

October 10, 2019



Gaius Julius Caesar disagrees with that sentence.


You are right. Edited.


"Let alone Caesar, that in every region made the herbage bloody with their veins, wherever he led our iron." - Francesco Petrarca, Canzoniere, CXXVIII


"Alea iacta est". But have you actually seen the Rubicon? The bridge where Caesar might have crossed it, so I'm told, is one-way, with a large "No Entry" sign in the direction of Rome. Very appropriate if true.

And he didn't say the famous words "alea iacta est" or even "iacta alea est". According to Plutarch, being an educated man Caesar quoted in Greek "ἀνερρίφθω κύβος" (anerrhíphthō kúbos - "let the die be cast".)


Would "in Italia non pugnant milites" be correct (even if not the usual word order)?

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