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Do I have any mistakes in this paragraph?

This site has been so helpful for me correcting my mistakes in German so thank you guys so much for your support :) I'm talking to a family, and they're considering me as an au pair, so we're just trying to get to know each other but German can get confusing for me sometimes! So I just wanted to make sure if what I said here is correct: "Hallo, es geht mir gut, und dir? Ich hatte heute einen lustigen Tag. Ich hatte 5 Englischkurse an der Universität und es lief ziemlich gut :) Ich mag meinen Professor und wir lernen auch mehr über andere Sprachen. Was ist mit Ihnen? Haben Sie einen guten Tag heute?" Thank you so much in advance! (They basically asked how my day went, and if you have any idea on what else I could mention, I'm open to that too!)

October 10, 2019



Well done! I see no errors here; just one thing to fix: "...und dir?" is the informal you and then you use the formal you ("Was ist mit Ihnen? Haben Sie...") which is confusing because you are not consistent. I suggest using only the formal you unless you were invited to do otherwise. EDIT: "Hatten Sie einen guten Tag heute?" - Not Haben.


Ah yes, I always forget about that! Thank you so much! :) Is German your native langauge? I was a bit sceptical about "Englischkurse" I wanted to mean English classes but I'm not sure if that's how you call them in German.

[deactivated user]

    But can you also say "Haben Sie heute einen guten Tag gehabt?


    Good pick up.


    Aside from the du/Sie issue that has already been pointed out, I'd change the last sentence to "Hatten Sie heute einen guten Tag?".

    Sounds good otherwise! :)

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