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In my classes, More details > Course Progress shows no progress.

I have several classes set up for Duolingo for my students. They are in the class successfully and I can do assignments, I can see their activity, I can see their XP points, but not the class progress screen. I click on more details, then course progress, and their names are their and the lessons, but no colored circles showing they have completed the lessons. This is super inconvenient because I am using this as a grade. I know I can see how far they each are by clicking on their activity, but I would have to do that individually and it would take forever. Last year, the progress circles that were different colors would show up when a student did work, this year their names are there but no circles. PLEASE HELP!

I sent a message to the teacher duolingo email and have received no response. I know this is a free app, and I love it, but is there anything I can do?!? Thank you!

October 10, 2019
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