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Can't see course progress

I have several classes set up for Duolingo for my students. They are in the class successfully and I can do assignments, I can see their activity, I can see their XP points, but not the class progress screen. I click on more details, then course progress, and their names are their and the lessons, but no colored circles showing they have completed the lessons. This is super inconvenient because I am using this as a grade. I know I can see how far they each are by clicking on their activity, but I would have to do that individually and it would take forever. Last year, the progress circles that were different colors would show up when a student did work, this year their names are there but no circles. PLEASE HELP!

I sent a message to the teacher duolingo email and have received no response. I know this is a free app, and I love it, but is there anything I can do?!? Thank you!

October 10, 2019



I am having the same issue we are colleagues at the same middle school. Please help!


I've been having the same issue for a month. I was able to see the progress on some of the scores about a month ago, but now I can't see any progress from any of the students unless I check them individually. I've had to resort to checking each student's phone just to make sure they completed the skills. (That takes up precious classroom time.) The teacher duolingo email account hasn't responded to me either. HELP!


Please, check your browser.

Duolingo is designed for the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.
I prefer the Firefox browser.

I just made this screenshot of one of my test classrooms in the latest version of Firefox for Android.
It shows the correct progress (coloured circles) for both students


Thank you for your help, but I still can't see them using firefox. They used to be there last year with my classes, but this year they are not, even though I know the kids have completed the lesson. I see it in their activity in the class and on their trees in their accounts.

Is there a glitch in our accounts? Could it be from using our school provided gmail addresses?

Any ideas?


I use a private gmail address for Duolingo.

Which operating system + versionnummer do you use at school?

Have you already tried it on

  • a computer at your home or somewhere else by using the latest version of the Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

  • or on an Android smartphone or tablet. My smartphone has Android 7.1.1 and a small screen (5 inch)


I updated Chrome and still no class progress.


We use windows 10 at school and I have the newest version of Chrome and Firefox. It doesn't work in either. I don't have any android devices.


Can anyone else help with this? The suggestions didn't work, I think it is something with our accounts.


I, too, am having the same problem. I have to go through each assignment to see completion. I used to be able to look at Course Progress, but the circles are not updating. I sent an email yesterday to a contact I have at Duolingo explaining the problem and indicating that many teachers are having this problem. I also stated that people are discussing this in online forums. Hopefully, we will find a resolution to this common and frustrating problem. I love Duolingo, but will not be using it in my classroom next year if this problem persists.


I am having the same issue now and this is a massive issue since we are now working/teaching from home due to COVID19. I need to be able to track my students progress to keep them accountable. Please help!

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