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  5. "We love our daughters."

"We love our daughters."

Translation:Filias nostras amamus.

October 10, 2019



If "we" are the subject (verb ends in -mus), isn't the unmarked reading that "daughters" are "ours," without the need for the possessive adjective?

If you all love our daughters, we'd want to put in nostras: Filias nostras amatis.

With the 1st person plural (-mus) subject, the possessive adj. ("our") seems to demand a translation like "our own ."

In any case, I don't think it's "wrong" to leave off the possessive adj.


I actually had this marked incorrect on me because I left off the possessive adjective, but I do think it is needed here. It's possible that additional context would support an implied "our", but as written, it feels necessary.

Additionally, remember, the goal is to teach the Latin language in general. If we step back and consider the sentence structure from that perspective, what if we changed "daughters" to something else?


I do see your point; but it's worth knowing that, unless emphasis was really necessary (like "your" daughters vs. "our" daughters), there was no need for the possessive adj., if the thing possessed belonged to the speaker/subject of the sentence. (In English we constantly say "my son" and "your hands" and all that--but the possessive adj. is not needed that much in Latin, if the relationship between subject and thing possessed is obvious.)

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