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What the heck?

I appreciate that the duolingo team is always working on improving this site, but it's quite frustrating when helpful portions disappear. First the genders in the vocab lists, and now it looks like two whole lessons have been scrapped during the new lesson update. Please bring back the lessons and the genders. This is for german, btw.

April 22, 2013



Understand your concerns, don't worry! We're figuring out the best tree model (sometimes this involves experimenting with different amounts of skills and their layout). The trees will continue to evolve and improve and so will the vocab page. I agree the gender hints should be reinstated. Thanks for bearing with us! :)


Thank you for replying, you are very courteous. I started the thread in the heat of the moment; I don't like drastic changes. I will learn to live with it though. Thanks again.


I realise this discussion is old, but do you know why the gender hints haven't been reinstated yet?


We just reverted this change. Everything should be back to normal.


Have the changes been rolled back? I don't mind new lessons but my "known words" count has been cut in half and I would really appreciate that "progress" back, even if it's just a number.


The number of words should be back to normal now, too! Sorry again.


oops, i still see them. i don't know what all is gone, but i do count two fewer lessons on the bottom third. Edited the title for truth


now my words learned is cut in half


The number of words should be back to normal now.


Thank you for changing it so that the lessons have returned, like genitive case, but will there be another, refined update in the future? I still have a bar at the top of my screen saying new lessons have been added.


For anyone learning English, "heck" is a word that is traditionally substituted for "hell" to keep one from cursing, been around a long, long time. Often considered rural in origin, to me it seems very similar to a Dutch word, "Gek" which means "crazy", and in Dutch sounds like saying "heck" while getting ready to spit. Lot of Dutch settlers in the old days in America.


I like when I get prompted that I now understand such and such percent of a language and being invited to translate. Where can I find what percentage I understand if the prompts stop coming my way due to my cowardice toward translating at this stage? Sorry if this has already been asked. Thanks!


stop usingh stong languege im 7 years old my moomy ssays that a nono word i 3wam sworwwy for this poopyh8dd get wreket im triggerded that is leke thee same way of as saying ware the devill livus.


My momme tels meh that yew guyz are mentelly ideotick


yew geys are pewpee hehds

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