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  5. "जूलिया राज के आगे है।"

"जूलिया राज के आगे है।"

Translation:Julia is ahead of Raj.

October 10, 2019



I have translated as : Julia is in front of Raj. The system told me it was a mistake. Does anyone can help? Tks


Probably just an alternate translation that's not been added yet. Report it if you see the sentence again.


Duolingo accepts "Julia is in front of Raj" but also offers "Julia is ahead of Raj" as another correct solution. However, their meaning in English is not exactly the same. We could say Julia is standing in front of Raj on a photograph (not ahead), or Julia is ahead of Raj in a race or competition (not in front of). Could anyone elaborate what exactly is meant here in the Hindi sentence?


आगे can be used for both those meanings.

सामने can also be used as 'in front' but typically, it would be used when the two people/things are facing each other while आगे implies that they are one behind the other.


Divyaraj kya ho gaya hai

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