"The patrons and the clients do not sleep."

Translation:Patroni et clientes non dormiunt.

October 11, 2019

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    Should be “nec patroni nec clientes dormiunt”. In Classical Latin “et... non” is avoided wherever possible. There was a report button only for an error in the English sentence.


    So it was transmitted in French: Ni les patrons, ni les clients (ne) dorment.


    Really the difference is small, and I guess you could be right aswell in most cases. But there is a nuance : if you use "nec ... nec... ", then your negation goes on both parts following the "nec" (here : the subject), while using "non" makes your negation go to the verb. In the end, on this case, using two "nec" would translate an insistance (like "neither... nor... " in English) Also you are correct saying Latin would avoid using "et ... non". But in such a sentence, they are not linked, so it's totaly common. (You'd have for example of not using "et non" : Patronus domi dormit nec filii sunt in urbe)


    Quick question : does Duolingo accept using "-que" as an English "and" ?


    It has worked for me for some sentences, haven't tried it for all sentences. If you get marked wrong for using it when you shouldn't have, just report it.


    Ty ! (Haven't tried yet, just wondering)

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