I received a survey in my email but I accidentally deleted it. Is it available anywhere? Thanks.

October 11, 2019


Have a look in your Deleted folder. I think emails are kept there for a month or longer before they get irreversibly deleted.

Thanks I tried that and it's gone.

Is this a Duolingo survey or from another entity? If you know who sent it perhaps you can shoot an email to their customer services and explain what happened. And if they say they didn't send you a survey, it may mean someone was trying to phish ... many bad folks out there :(

Good thought. I didn't really look. I just noticed that the return address was duolingo. Never gotten spam from them before. I was hoping to find out here if anyone else had gotten one. Fact is we're having problems getting certain mistakes fixed in the Hebrew module so I was hoping to have some input. But maybe it was just a scam. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Did you recently attend a Duolingo Event? Duolingo usually sends short follow-up surveys after the event, asking you to rate the event and the host. In return for completing the survey, it gives you XPs; though, I don’t know how many.

Thanks I have not been to any events.

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