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"Não coloque a carroça na frente dos bois!"

Translation:Don't put the cart before the horse!

June 23, 2014



Why is bois "horse"? Steels or mullock should be accepted!


Because it's an idiom - it doesn't translate the same way in both languages, i.e. the idea is the same, we just use different animals to explain ourselves.


But, is this even an idiom in English...? I don't know it...


I put as a translation "One thing at a time" and I feel like that sums up the idiom pretty well right?


"One thing at a time" is more about focusing on just one thing... But "Don't put the cart before the horse" is about "First things first"... You might be focusing on just one thing but you can be doing the wrong one because you should do something else before. That's why "One thing at a time" is not the same meaning of "Don't put the cart before the horse".


That makes complete sense, thank you my friend! Here is a lingot!


Ah you were very kind to him, have one back!


might as well give you one!


Can I say "don't put the cart in front of the oxen"... there are oxcarts


When can this be used?

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When a person is doing or wants to do things in such a hurry that he/she misses important things that should be done first.

Or when a person is trying to assemble a horse-based transport... :p (boi = ox in Portuguese)


It is when a person is not wise to think carefully before doing, he does not do the things step by step. He will possibly regret something later!


I've always learned it as "Don't put the chariot before the horse!" Would that be acceptable?


This is the corrected / alternative answer (You used the wrong word message):

"Do not put the cart in front of the oxen!"

The hint word "steers" was not accepted (as always trying to directly use hints) and my answer was marked wrong: "Do not put the cart in front of the steers!"

Why are just the two words steers and bullock in the hint for "bois", but not "oxen" (when this word was accepted as an answer)?

As a non-native English speaker I am lost at all the words like oxen, steers, bullock anyways ;)


i'm confused as hell, the hints don't help at all

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