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Is Indonesian a good Asian language to learn?

Is indonesian actually a good and useful language to learn? Or would a language like Portuguese be better in the future.

October 11, 2019



Indonesia is a rapidly growing economy, and will become a significantly important language in the near future. If you intend on ever living throughout the Australasia or Oceania region I would highly recommend, especially as here in Australia our government is currently greatly encouraging students to study indonesian, to ensure that they are prepared for the future of an economically dominant indonesia within our region.


There are a lot more Indonesian speakers than Portuguese speakers but you can only use it in Indonesia and Malaysia.


Not so sure about that -- including Brazil, Portuguese has some 220 million L1 speakers.


I think that it is dependent on where you live and what your travel/life plans are. In Australia we are very close to Southeast Asia and have many opportunities to travel there easily, so for us it would definitely be Indonesia. However, if you are based in Europe or Latin America, then I would think that Portuguese is a much better option.


singapore is an economic powerhouse, (they even out rank the usa). Malay, (Indonesian), is a large part of their dialect. (along with english and mandarin of course.) plus Malay doesn't have all those tricky accents to watch out for. I think its more useful to learn Malay because its more different from our language than Portuguese is.


The action film The Raid got me interested in the Indonesian language. Plus they are good neighbors to the Philippines my parents' homeland. There is an Indonesian singer who goes by the name "Niki".


Another good Indonesian singer is Tulus.


And Indonesia is wonderfull to visit!

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