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Por favor he trabajado en unos escritos y quiero saber si estan bien o hay que corregir algo.

  1. Hi, I'm sorry, I write this email for I want to know about how was your wedding. I couldn't attend because that I had to worked all weekend, but i'm going to visit you the saturday for watch the video of the wedding. ¡Good luck!

  2. Hi Myra, I'm writing this email to remind our appointment. I'm wearing blue jean and gray blouse. I think you should tell me how you will go dressed .what do you think about find us in the station at 8:00pm?.

I'm excited to meet you.

June 23, 2014

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Pretty good! There are a few redundant items: "about how" Write either "I want to know about your wedding." or better yet "I want to know how your wedding was."

"because that" You only need one of these to add a clause to your sentence. Since you are giving a reason use "because"

As you are writing, you will want to say "I am writing this email because I want to know....." For the past, either "...I had to work..." or "...I worked..." (I prefer the first because you did not have a choice, you had to work.)

In English "...I'm going to visit you on Saturday to watch..."

We don't use any upside down exclamation points at the beginning of "Good luck!"

The verb "remind" requires a person after it. "...remind you of our appointment."

"jeans" is plural in English or you could say "a pair of jeans" "a gray blouse" (a should be added when it is not plural)

"how you will be dressed" or "how you are going to be dressed"

"...about finding us at the station..."

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