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  5. "Ти слухаєш музику?"

"Ти слухаєш музику?"

Translation:Do you listen to music?

October 11, 2019



"Are you listening music?" is not accepted?


In Ukrainian there are no Continuous Tenses.

"Ти слухаєш музику?" = Do you listen to music? - in one context.

"Ти слухаєш музику?" = Are you listening music? - in other context.

P.S.: Although there are no continuous tenses in Ukrainian. But some verbs have forms which are equivalent to "simple" and "continuous" kind of action. For example, "Я біжу" = "I am running [right now]" and "Я бігаю" = "I run [often, in the morning etc]".

I hope I helped you (If you've understood my "English").

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You're right about everything, I would just like to add something about бігаю.

It can actually be used to describe the present action too. If you're jogging, for example, and someone asks you "What you're doing?", the jogger would say "Я бігаю".


Maybe "Are you listening to music?"

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