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"أُحِبّ اَلْسَّفَر إِلى إيطالْيا."

Translation:I like traveling to Italy.

October 11, 2019



traveling = travelling


hahaha. No, only for English English, which I do prefer, because it's mine. But in fact the US spelling of traveling is consistent with the rule, which is: double the last consonant if the stress falls on the last syllable (eg forGET -> forgetting, but BEnefit -> benefiting). But in England we make an exception for verbs ending in L. So we write travelling, cancelling etc, while in US they are more consistent - traveling, canceling etc.


And you can have al-safar online using Safari...


I've just thought of a mnemonic for إِلى. It sounds a bit like the French "à la". I know that would work only for feminine nouns, but perhaps better than nothing.


Am I right to understand that after احبّ any noun will be in its accusative form and should be pronounced with tanwin fath at the end? احبّ السّفرَ ...؟


Inna47606, yes, you're right! Generally speaking, the noun (ie. not every noun because there are some specific cases) should be pronounced with fatHa (not tanwiin). Reason: the noun is definite in the accusative case, as an object of أحبُّ. So, it is like your saying, السفرَ, but is not with tanwiin السفرً.


no because there is something called اعراب so it can change whatever the word place in the sentance but this is not tanwin its called fatha only the tanwin is double fatha

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