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  5. "Often we sing sweetly."

"Often we sing sweetly."

Translation:Saepe suaviter cantamus.

October 11, 2019



sweetly, adv: suńĀviter , sure; how about dulciter ? It wasn't accepted.


Hi everyone. Not related to the specific topic but I would like to use this section (since I cannot think of a better section) to ask about the past and future tenses in this course. I have reached almost the final stage in this Latin course, and to my great disappointment I found that it does not include any other tenses than present (simple & perfect, as it similar in Latin, but nothing else). Is this because of it being a beta vetsion? And more importantly - is it about to change? Plurimi thanks!


Why not Cantamus saepe suaviter?


What about the other times lol.

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