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"Puer in templo tacite cantat."

Translation:The boy quietly sings in the temple.

October 11, 2019



Why is "The boy sings quietly in the temple" wrong?


"The boy sings quietly in the temple" is exactly what I wrote, and it was accepted for me, so this translation must have been added within the last two days.


It's not wrong--maybe the course creators haven't yet entered all possible word-order changes (in English) that are acceptable.


tacitē cantat does sound like a bit of an oxymoron. "Silently sings" wasn't accepted.


What is wrong with "The boy sings softly in the temple."?


If you look up tacitē in the Oxford Latin Dictionary, it indicates that it means "silently, imperceptibly, without being noticed." It's kind of funny to use this adverb with the verb "sings," but I suppose the authors of the sentence thought of the boy singing without anyone noticing that he was doing so : maybe he's singing inside his head but not even moving his lips ?

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