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  5. "Robots can't lie."

"Robots can't lie."

Translation:neplaHbe' qoqmey.

October 11, 2019



I'm practicing the cause units, and I have a question about the use of Ha'. As I understand it nep means to lie, and vIt means to tell the truth. Is it also appropriate to refer to lying as vItHa'? And if so, is there any difference in meaning between that and nep? Or if not, is there a way to know when we can append Ha' and when we can't? Thanks so much as always.


That's nep and vIt. yIt means "to walk". I'll have to think more about how to express the difference. Maybe one of the other advanced speakers will get a chance to weigh in first.


Yes, apologies for the typo, and no rush in the slightest. Thank you!


I think it might mean different things to different people, with some saying they are different and some seeing a shade of difference. I can surely imagine the utterance, jInepbe'pu'. jIvItHa'pu' neH, so now I must figure out how to translate it into English. Perhaps, I didn't lie. I merely misstated the truth. Is there a difference in English between a lie and an untruth? That's the difference here.


Ah, okay. I was thinking it might be that, which I think of as "ignoring the middle ground," (e.g. not-faster doesn't mean slower as speeds can be equal). It makes sense that Klingon would maintain the distinction even when the difference is fairly subtle as it is here. Thank you!

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