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No entiendo

DISCOURAGED!!!! FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am feeling very very very beat down by Duo today! It has taken me an hour and half to do six lessons. There are so many damned variables! Some days I feel like "Yeah, great I'm beginning to get the hang of this, its starting to make sense. Yippee!" Today I could do nothing right. Every time I started to get a few right answers, boom, duo would throw me a curve that makes me questions everything I thought I was starting to understand. I always check the light bulb before starting a lesson but today nothing in the light bulb notes seemed to apply.

October 11, 2019



Yes. EVERYBODY has bad days. My advice. Rejoice that you did your best even on a REALLY BAD DAY... Have some chocolate, take a bubble bath and try again tomorrow!


Best comment I've seen in a fat minute. I'd say take her advice. Wish I had an excuse to experience that kind of luxury!


This is a post I could have easily written a dozen times since I started. Chin up! The struggles are worth it - YOU DID 6 LESSONS TODAY - applause!!!!


You are not alone. I think that's a normal part of the learning process.

I'm a teacher (math, not language), so I think about the learning process a lot. Students who just float through & never really wrestle with the material don't learn as much. The ones who really dig in experience more frustration, but they learn more in the long run. You're doing it right.

Did you get it figured out? If not, maybe somebody here could help?


I am a teacher as well and one of my sayings I use with my students is, "I choose to struggle." This means that learning is difficult. If everything is easy then you are not challenging yourself; and learning a new language is especially difficult. Choose to struggle rather than give up; and recognise that struggling means what you eventually achieve was worth the effort.


I love that! “I choose to struggle.” That’s fantastic!


For sure. That's a great idea. If you need help I got your back. Feel free to ask anytime.


Ugh... I STILL can't get the hang of the weather stuff! I 'think' I've got it and I'm suddenly wrong more than I'm right. But it's worth the struggle to keep going. Hang in there!!!!


We've all had those days so you aren't alone. I currently have one topic I hate as for some reason I just cannot get the hang of the sentence structure or remember the words. All others, I'm OK with.

It is, however, getting a bit better and I'm remembering more. I still have at least a couple of sentences in each lesson I end up swearing at when I keep getting them wrong but it is getting better.

Its frustrating, but keep going. Eventually it will get easier.


I think it's related to your mood. Some days you do good and have a high morale whereas other days you just lose your morale and thus keep failing. I had that for a long time when doing Spanish, but now I have realized how logical and easy this language actually is compared to many others, and I have been improving slowly, but surely. Just take it easy and everything should work out. If you feel like you get too much new information, stop taking newer lessons for a while and repeat the older lessons to test and ensure your knowledge from them as well.


It's okay to have a bad day. As they say, it's a marathon, not a sprint. It takes a long time to learn a new language for most of us. Don't worry about a slump; we all have them.


I feel you bro. Not all days are easy. That's why you gotta commit and make up for those off days. You got this. Here's a lingot for your troubles.

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