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  5. "Quis Hispanice loquitur?"

"Quis Hispanice loquitur?"

Translation:Who speaks Spanish?

October 12, 2019



What is Hispanice's grammatical function here? Is it an adverb?


Latin Grammar Tense / Aspect - Latin does have contextual inference as a way, e.g., ( at this moment ), to emulate the difference in English between the Simple Present Tense and the Imperfect / Present Continuous / Progressive Aspect

Who speaks Spanish? - ( the questioner poses nobody is speaking Spanish at the moment and allows that nobody in the question scope may even know how )

Who is speaking Spanish? - ( the questioner poses that Spanish is either contemporaneously being spoken by some individual/s in the question scope or that some individual/s being questioned likely have the facility )


Could this also be taken to mean "Who (here) speaks Spanish?", as in "Does anybody here speak Spanish?".


Loquitur, 3rd conjugation, short 'i', stress accent on antepenult, not penult.


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Beati hispani quibus vivere bibere est


This conjugation is really different from the other nominative conjugations we've seen. Is this a different mood? Subjunctive?


It's a deponent verb. The endings look like the passive voice but we translate them into the active voice. Passive form, active meaning.


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