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  5. "Suvchuqrup jaghpu'."

"Suvchuqrup jaghpu'."

Translation:The enemies are ready to fight each other.

October 12, 2019



I flagged this as "the audio doesn't sound correct", which was the closest option to the real problem, that I couldn't hear it at all.


The audio file sounds pretty good to me. I wonder if it was a download/connection problem. If it happens again, maybe file a bug report.


Yes I think you may be right. It was an odd lesson that popped up when one of my units was 98% done (and it definitely wasn't the 50th lesson in that unit). Will do regarding the bug report next time.


Thank you for coming here to explain that. Otherwise I'm listening to the audio five times trying to tell if there's a crackle somewhere, a schwa, or a Say sounds too much like a chay.


Oh gosh no. At least to me, your audio clips are awesome-- very clear and beyond helpful. I particularly like that they seem to speed up a bit as the course goes on, but don't get so fast that the speed is a hindrance to understanding. I try to say the Klingon along with them, but it'll be a while before I'm not just making wheezing noises for a lot of the sounds that are unfamiliar to me.


I can't remember whose idea it was to speed up a bit as the course progresses, but I'm glad it's working. We don't have the turtle button to slow down the speed, so this is the next best thing.

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