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  5. "Are you Russian?"

"Are you Russian?"

Translation:Bist du Russe?

October 12, 2019



When to use russe , Russen and russenich?


Russe (with a capital) is a noun. Russen is the plural of that.

He is (a) Russian = Er ist Russe

They are Russian(s) = Sie sind Russen

*One slight add-on here though not relevant for beginners is that Russen could also be singular in the dative.

with the Russian = mit dem Russen

russenisch doesn't exist but russisch is the descriptor.

Those dolls are Russian = Die Puppen sind russisch


I wanna add here that you'll virtually never hear Bist du russisch? or Ich bin russisch. It's much more common to say Bist du ein Russe?, Ich bin Russe or Ich bin Russin.

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