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  5. "كُرْسي الْقِطّة أَبْيَض."

"كُرْسي الْقِطّة أَبْيَض."

Translation:The cat's chair is white.

October 12, 2019



Now i know where the Hindi/Urdu word for chair comes from! It's exactly the same as in Arabic.


Yes! Same with few other words too, like kitaab كِتاب meaning book!


How do you say the "the white cat's chair"? This sentence seems little ambiguous in that sense.


i think it would be something like " 'كُرْسي الْقِطّة بَيْضاءُ"


Or maybe كُرْسي الْقِطّة الْبَيْضاء ?


Yes, I think you're right.

Because الْقِطّة الْبَيْضاء means 'The white cat' ... We add 'كُرْسي' at the start, which makes it into 'The white cat's chair'.

My answer actually meant something else (The cat's chair is white)! oof, Arabic can be crazy sometimes :D.


The white cat's chair: كُرْسي الْقِطّة الْبَيْضاء

The cat's chair is white: كُرْسي الْقِطّة أَبْيَض

https://context.reverso.net/translation/english-arabic/the+white+cat%27s+chair https://context.reverso.net/translation/english-arabic/the+cat's+chair+is+white

If any native speaker or grammar wiz can clarify, please do so. Thank you <3


same question here. and also "the cat's white chair"...


How do I say "my chair" since "chair" finished with the letter "ي"?


Why not white cat's chair?


Just to be clear. Some arabic color name has a special male and a female form. In this case it is the male form because of the chair word.


Well, in this example, you can define at the end: the chair is masculine and the word "white" is used in the masculine gender, and the cat is feminine, but if instead of a cat you take a dog that is masculine, then how to find out what it refers to the word "white" if both "dog" and "chair" and "white" are masculine?


I think it goes like:

كرسي الكلب أبيض - the dog's chair is white

كرسي الكلب الأبيض - the white dog's chair

But not entirely sure. If any native speaker could confirm, it would be really helpful.

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