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Hi, I am learning German. I am self studying myself to B1 right now. And I would like to sit for a B1 test in December (2019). Until now I have followed Menschen and Netzwerk both (self studying both of them) and for Grammar I have been using Grammatik Aktiv A1-B1. I am hopeful I can pass B1. Now I want to start Studying for B2 as fast as possible and for that I need good suggestion on books. I have my eyes on Mittelpunkt Neu, Sicher, Aspekte Neu, Erkundungen and Ziel. For Grammar I was going to follow Grammatik Aktiv B2/C1 but I have been getting strong reviews for B Grammatik from Schubert from it's users. I would really like an opinion. I liked Menschen and Netzwerk both but Menschen was a little easier for me to follow in the beginning. But now that my German has improved leaps and bounds I don't need to follow easier, less intimidating textbooks. Please guys HELP.

October 12, 2019




I can definitely recommend both grammar books, although I think Grammatik Aktiv is a tiny bit better.

The book would depend on the kind of test you are taking. For the CEFR test, I would recommend to add 'Mit Erfolg zu telc Deutsch B2' (4 practice tests).

My favourite B2 Book is Erkundungen. It prepares you for the Goethe-Zertifikat. It also has a lot of different topics, well-written texts and is all around very interesting, but also challenging. Just a tip: Some of the B2 grammar is missing because there is another book - Begegnungen B1 plus. As you can probably guess from the 'plus', it is between B1 and B2. So if you choose this one, you might want to take a look at Begenungen first.

I don't really like Mittelpunkt, although I can't really say why. It is probably just personal preference. (Also, I only taught one class with that book. More experience with that book might change my opinion on it).

I also worked with Aspekte Neu. It has interesting topics, but there is a lot of grammar missing. You can find some of it in Aspekte Neu B1 plus, but not all. I also think that the grammar is not that well explained. There is also, in my opinion, not a lot of progression. What I mean is, that text are nearly as difficult in the last chapter as they were in the first. If you chose this one, I would definitely recommend the Arbeitsbuch and Intensivtrainer.

There is also Berliner Platz 4. I really enjoy Berliner Platz even though it is a bit older. It has a lot of exercises for the test.

Studio D is also quite good. It has some uncommon topics (e.g. architecture).

My advice: Stay away from Linie 1, those books are just awful.

Also: Fokus Deutsch. It is not awful, just boring as hell.

I haven't worked with the other books, so I will refrain from giving my opinion on those.

Hope I could help.

October 12, 2019


Thank you so much! I have been getting great reviews on both Erkundungen and Mittelpunkt Neu. I have heard of Begegnungen B1 Plus, just didn't know you have to study that in order to get a full experience of Erkundungen. Thank you for the valuable incite.

October 13, 2019


^ I would like to know the same!

October 12, 2019


hehe, hope we get good suggestions.

October 12, 2019


Congrats on studying for the B2!

I've been building a website full of free guides on German grammar topics that I think can help you.

Lots there, but I'd suggest you checking out my guide to declensions among other topics to help you prepare for B2: https://germanwithlaura.com/declension/

October 17, 2019
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