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  5. "I should visit mother."

"I should visit mother."

Translation:Matrem visitare debeo.

October 12, 2019



Does debere mean "should" or "must" in the present tense? In Spanish, deber in the present usually implies obligation (more like "must"), while in the conditional it is "should". Is it the same in Latin?


It can be translated as "should" or "must" in the present. The translation I like to use is ought, because it does a good job of paralleling the verb in translation (i.e. debeo dormire - "I ought to sleep" vs. I should sleep"). Also, debeo is related to the Latin word for debt, and ought is related to the English word "owe", so I like how they both have the image of someone owing something.


Are there any syntactical rules regarding auxiliary verbs, or can we place them wherever we want?

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