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  5. "Deas videmus."

"Deas videmus."

Translation:We see the goddesses.

October 12, 2019



This showed up as a fill in the blank with the choices "deas" or "deae." Unfortunately, while I know that they wanted "deas," I think "deae" also works if the sentence is intended to mean "We goddesses see." Am I wrong? I think there was a similar problem with another sentence where the choices were "dei" and "deos."


It couldn't be "deae", as it's an accusative, object of the verb to see.

If it was: We, goddesses, see. Yes, it would be okay (try to report it).
The lack of commas in Duolingo, changing the whole meaning of things infuriates me. If we use full stop, and "?" sign, we have to use commas.


Quas Deas videtis?


Minerva et Venus et Juno et Ceres et Proserpina.

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