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"ʻO Kaʻiulani ke kaikuahine moloā o Kimo a me Billy."

Translation:Kaʻiulani is the lazy sister of Kimo and Billy.

October 12, 2019



Okay I'm seeing, since i got it wrong again, that the question here is "A lazy sister" vs. "THE lazy sister." Since the Hawaiian "ke" can be either, in English, how do we keep from guessing it wrong? There must be some kind of indication that I'm missing! E kokua mai ke 'olu'olu.


These are 2 different and very common sentence patterns: 'aike 'O and 'aike He. One starts with 'O and the other He. See the explanation here: http://papaolelo.weebly.com/uploads/1/0/2/2/102246944/pepeke%CA%BBaike.pdf


The structure "Ka'iulani is Kimo and Billy's lazy sister" has been accepted several times previously. Why not here? What's the difference that I'm missing?


I find it hilarious that this entire topic seems to be about insulting siblings. Very meta on the nature of family.


why can't you say kimo and billy's lazy sister


"Ka'iulani is Kimo and Billy's lazy sister" should be acceptable


I think because you have the answer in the possessive form. The prompt does not have "ko Kimo" which would translate as "Kimo's..." . I can't figure out how you would properly do a dual possessive (for "Kimo and Billy"). But anyway, this prompt does not have the possessive form, and I think they want us to learn the difference, so in this case, although the meaning is equivalent, the structure for expressing it needs to reflect the lack of the " 's" form.

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