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  5. "Hai molti libri."

"Hai molti libri."

Translation:You have many books.

April 22, 2013



What is the difence between "hai tanti libri" e "hai molti libri"?


"You have lots of books"? I usually don't say "a lot of" but rather "lots" when I'm speaking, and have missed a lot of these because of this. Should it be accepted?


Yes, it should. Be sure to click "my answer should be accepted" if you find such a case again.


that option no longer appears on my screen


Then, whenever you have a chance, type in "a lot of" instead of "many." That way, "a lot of' will become part of the pull-down menu if enough people agree that it's a correct translation.

Using "a lot of" is useful when a translation calls for a noun (lot) instead af an adverb/adjective (much).


E il mio appartamento odori come un mogano ricco


This translates into "And my apartment smells like rich mahogany." I presume its refuting something, but I'm not sure exactly what.

Comments not related to Italian, even if they are made in Italian, are an unnecessary waste of everyone's time. I will say, however, that it's fun to learn Italian adages. Is this one?


could this translate as "do you have many books?"?

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