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Is there/will there be a level above 5?

October 12, 2019



What do you mean? You have level 25.


The user meant the maximum level of each skill (Occupation, Clothing etc). 25 is the maximum level a learner can reach in a course as a whole.


? I use the app on my phone. I've got through Level 5, and it is not showing me Level 6 or a way to access any level above 5. That's why I'm asking.


There isn't a level 6. Level 5 is as high as it goes. If you finished all of the skills up to level 5, you finished the course.


I’m confused by the comments referring to a level 25. Can somebody explain? Ευχαριστώ


If you look at the flags next to the user name, a number is displayed for each language. This indicates how many experience points a person has, which in turn is related to how many lessons or practices a person has done. After your first lesson, you are at level one. After a few more lessons, you reach level 2, and so on, until eventually you get to level 25 as you are.


Ah yes, there it is, staring me right in the face. Duh.

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