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  5. "Stolas candidas non habemus."

"Stolas candidas non habemus."

Translation:We don't have white dresses.

October 12, 2019



In the early Ancient Roman era women also wore a toga. Toga wearing was a legally defined status indication exclusively held by freeborn, not freed, and as an impractical garment, distinguished the wearer as not being of the working class.

Freeborn children of nobility of both sexes wore a Toga Praetexta

Lex Pinaria et Furia: forbids office seekers to wear the toga candidā Candidātus

Lēx Iūlia proscribed some dignity vulnerable status women ( PudīcitiaFidēsCloelia ) to be ineligible to wear a stola instead, prescribing wearing a Toga MuliebrisMeretrīx MeretrīcēsMereō (“merit, deserve”) +‎ -trīx. (she who earns). •

By the mid-to-late Republican era, respectable women were stolatae • • Elegiae: • STOLATAE FEMINAE FEMINAE • STOLATAE QVONDAM • Sextus Propertiusmatronae stolatae

Stola Ancient Greek στολή (stolḗ).


It's a toga, not a dress!


Togas were worn by men, stolas were for women.

DL accepts "We don't have white stolas"


Don't forget Corinna.

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