"Va lōrtot jī."

Translation:We go to the tunnel.

October 12, 2019

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Why do we need "va" in this sentence?


From Tip and Notes:

The preposition va means "to" or "towards" or "up to" or "into" when its noun is in the dative. Its interpretation depends on the context. One distinction that might be made, for example, is as follows:

  • Lentot jān. "I go to the house."
  • Va lentot jān. "I go into the house."

In a different context, though, that second sentence might mean "I go up to the house" or even "I go towards the house".*


Thanks for answering. I thought noun in dative alone means to the noun.

Does va + noun in dative imply motion whilst noun in dative does not?


You no longer need va. (This was a fairly recent fix; it may not have propagated yet.)

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