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Native Russian want to master English

Hey, Duolingers!

Looking for an English native speaker to have regular skype calls to practice speaking. I would say that my level is somewhere between Upper-Intermediate and Advanced, so my goal is to push myself to confident and quick fluent speaking in English. In return I will gladly help you with learning Russian. While I am not a teacher, I can not guarantee you that I am capable to explain every grammar rule of Russian (actually, sometimes I cannot understand why we talk way or other). However, it will be both helpful and funny for sure.

Talking about myself, I am 25 years old, studying Work Psychology in the Netherlands. Love talking about politics, books and people. Please, add a comment if interested!

Best wishes, Sasha

October 12, 2019



Hello! I'm not a native but I've taught myself English/Spanish and German, and I intend to master Russian (which I just started and I'm really serious about learning). I quite like grammar so I'd be able to explain you everything in every single detail with good examples, modesty apart, I'm an excelent teacher xaxa))

In case you wanna contact me, you can find my WhatsApp on my profile, увидимся позже)


Hey! Thanks for your message! I ll add you, however, I am afraid that I wont be able to help you with speaking, since it is really hard to start speaking without good basis and enormous investments in it. However, we can try :)


Hi there Sasha,

My name is Danielle and I'm a native English speaker, specifically American style English. I've heard compared to our counterparts in the UK, we're faster when we talk and tend to use a bit more slang. Or at least according to a Russian youtuber who spent time in America. I'm still very new to Russian myself but love the way the language flows, and how many more consistent rules it has compared to English. That said, it would be nice to have someone to speak to in Russian. I don't want to mess up the language in a situation where it could be socially disastrous so getting tips from a native speaker would be wonderful.

I'm also 25 years old, and like Psychology, though I don't work in it. But I do work in health related work. I like people, drawing, and writing.

Since you dropped in a skype name, mine is Birchy-kun (old name but I promise it's me.) If you see that name in your skype and want to add me, feel free to. If not, that's alright.

Have a wonderful day.

Edit: Okay Maybe you'll have to add me. Your name won't come up on skype.


Hey, Danielle! Sounds like a good match! :) I ve added you, did you receive an invitation?


Hi Sasha, I speak (American) English fluently, live and work in The Hague and Saint Petersburg. Currently I am busy practicing speaking Russian as I have studied too many Grammar rules already and still experience problems in speaking situations. Please find me on skype and we can exchange languages regularly. Looking forward to meeting you, Diana


Hey, Diana! So glad to receive this message! I ve added you and send a couple of words. Skype works terrible, hope we ll figure it out.


My skype login is Molokostova94


hey your fresh ;D

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