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  5. "DaH jIneptaH."

"DaH jIneptaH."

Translation:I am lying right now.

October 12, 2019



The TDK has DaH as "now" - not "right now." Perhaps we can leave "right" out of the sentences related to DaH since in English, "right now" is a commonly accepted, emphatic variant of "now."

The only emphatic suffix i know of in klingon (-qu) is a verb suffix, so I'm wondering, perhaps the way to convey the emphatic sense (the "right" of "right now") would be by using the adv. SIbI' (i.e. immediately)?

DaH jIyIttaH: "I am walking now."

SIBI' DaH jIyIttaH: "I am walking right now."

Nonetheless, regardless of how to correctly convey this distinction in Klingon, "now" and "right now" are semantically discreet and ought not be conflated in the lessons.

If Duolingo's perspective is such that "now" and "right now" are equivalent in meaning, please adjust all of the instances involving DaH such that both "now" and "right now" are acceptable translations of DaH.


Since I last posted, I've learned that "right now" is colloquially considered to be synonymous with "immediately." This gives us:

"now" = DaH
"right now" (or "immediately") = SIbI'

In the sample sentences I provided in the first post on this thread, I made an error in using both SIbI' and DaH in the same sentence. So longs as SIbI' is used, there's no need to include the word DaH at all ["right now now"? - nope!] and they should be as follows:

DaH jIyItaH: "I am walking now"
SIbI' jIyItaH: "I am walking right now"

If Duolingo is really into the expression "right now", perhaps SIbI' could be introduced in the Adverbs section? On the other hand (and likely a lot less effort), simply taking the word "right" out of "right now" in any translations for sentences including DaH (as an adv.) would be sufficient rectification!


I don't know that I agree, but I'm not interested in arguing subjective interpretations of immediacy. I accept your suggestion that SIbI' should also be accepted as a translation for "right now" in case someone who knows the word interprets it that way. When we redesign the course, we will consider where the right place for SIbI' will be.


Oh, yeah - that's cool! However, all "subjective interpretations of immediacy" aside, DaH does = "now" (Canonical: in the TKD under 5.4 Adverbials and also in the KLINGON-ENGLISH section under DaH) and it should always acceptable to translate DaH as "now" as such without having to add "right" to make it "right now."

My hope is that "now" (by itself, without the "right") is an acceptable translation for DaH anywhere it appears in the Duolingo Klingon Course. If y'all want to expand the canonical definition of DaH to include the word "right" such that "right now" is also accepted, well by all means - Duolingo Klingon deserves its own dialect (Du'olIngho?) for doing so much to promote the Klingon Language!




"Now" (without "right") is accepted in all sentences with DaH. I did notice that this sentence did not include the English translations with "Now" (and "Right now") at the front, only at the back end. If you tried to put "Now" at the front, then it was erroneously marked as wrong and that was our fault. I have now added accepted translations with "Now" (and "Right now") at the front of translations of this sentence. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


I agree with a lot of what you said. But I don't think it is true that "right now" is always synonymous with "immediately". Sometimes I say "right now" to let someone know I am specifically doing something at the very moment we are speaking. So they understand that when I say "now" I am not being vague but I literally mean at this very moment it is happening.

For example, if I said on the phone, "I am having a shower now", people would commonly understand me to mean that pretty much when I get off the phone I am planning to have a shower but that could still be half an hour later. "Now" doesn't really always mean this moment anymore. But if I said, "I am having a shower RIGHT now" then I would expect them to understand I am actually in the shower as I speak to them or I am literally seconds away from stepping into the shower and am possibly just waiting for the phone call to end.

Immediately on the other hand usually means it is following very, very soon in the future. It doesn't mean at this moment to me. So I don't think making a strict rule about now=DaH and right now=SIbI' works very well.


phuvtuo, I like where you are going with this and I think you made an excellent point about the inherently ensuing/pending nature of "immediately" making it a poor representation of "right now!"
So how would you suggest representing the distinctions you just made in Klingon?
Too bad we can't just add the emphatic verbal suffix -qu' to the adverb DaH to turn "now" into "right now!" While not grammatically permissible, it would be an easy way to do this and it'd be easily parsed as there is no verb DaH to create ambiquity. I bet there's been more than one impatient Klingon child who's uttered this construction - kids aren't as hampered by the rules of language as adults are.
loDpu' be'pu' je yItlh law' puqpu' yItlh puS!

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