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"We will travel to the center of the galaxy."

Translation:qIb botlh wIleng.

October 12, 2019



I originally wrote qIb botlhDaq wIleng. Is that incorrect because leng already implies traveling to somewhere?

Edit to add: My apologies, I found the answer in the tips page on location, which I really should have checked first, and which makes it clear that leng already has the "to" implied and therefore takes qIb botlh as an ordinary object. That leads me to a related question, however. Would adding the suffix -Daq to a word like botlh be grammatically incorrect, or simply redundant? Based on the tips page I think it's the former, but I've learned to double check these things.


qIb botlhDaq maleng would mean that we were already at the centre of the galaxy and were travelling around, while qIb botlhDaq wIleng is "okay," just "somewhat marked".

Quoted words are from an interview with Marc Okrand on the subject. http://klingonska.org/canon/search/?file=1998-12-holqed-07-4.txt


This is very helpful. Thank you!


Wow, that interview is really interesting, and the point about an English tag being necessary but sometimes imprecise is really well taken. Thank you again!

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